BOSS Startup Science

Pre-accelerator education for founders and a platform for investors, accelerators, and incubators to review and communicate with founders.
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Tools: Figma, Adobe CC, Procreate, Jira
BOSS Startup Science provides a variety of products that equal an ecosystem that both promotes excellence and resilience in founders as well as a channel for accelerators and investors to discover and communicate with startups that closely fit their desired metrics for investment.
The BOSS Startup Science Pre-Accelerator Academy organizes and presents education for new founders to prevent common mistakes early on in the life of a startup and to prepare the company for investors and accelerators. BSS also organizes the startups, their founders and all pertinent information, into a database for investors, accelerators, and incubators to access and then communicate with the founders.
UX Designer
Design system creator, visual design, interaction design

A fresh start

As the sole designer for BOSS Startup Science, itself being a startup, I was tasked with first creating the design system that all products would be based upon in a way that would eliminate ambiguity between myself and our engineers.

The color palette and basic design system

Foundational education

Moving quickly into product design from the design system, stakeholders were interested in a clear presentation of the educational information provided to the founders that had been compiled by startup and investing experts. I ensured all material was accessible and presented in different forms for different learning styles.

Academic startup course catalog view

Information station

Investors, accelerators, and incubators need a way to organize the numerous startups and filter by qualities that would bring the companies most in line with their objectives to the top. Stakeholders asked for data-heavy and function-packed tables so users would have all they needed to facilitate relationships with the right founders for them.

User and payment management view

Data visualization

User and course analytics view

Reflection & takeaways

As a startup, working at BOSS Startup Science was fast, iterative, and thrilling each day. I worked closely with the technical team to ensure that the MVP was accessible even when time restricted the aesthetic details of my designs. BSS as a product was multi-faceted, but every moving part had a purpose to facilitate valuable connections between investors and fully prepared and educated founders.

In the end I designed: an educational platform, aesthetic and informational founder profiles, data visualization, chat and messaging, table organization and filtering, people and permissions management, and informational dashboards. I am happy to have had the opportunity to work on such a diverse product and grateful for the connections I have made with my coworkers.

References and letters of recommendation available upon request.